Herbal Buds

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Traditional Smoking Herbs in Bud Form
Available in 11 Amazing Blends – Each bud is 3.5g+!

This product has been discontinued.

Who doesn’t love a nice herbal bud? There’s something so satisfying about the ritual of breaking off a piece of herbal nug, grinding it up, and rolling it up or putting it in a pipe that is just so much more satisfying than using pre-ground loose herbs.

Herbal Buds are blends of natural, traditional smoking herbs and extracts, bound together with lobelia inflata trichomes and hop hash (lupulin), which contains high levels of terpenes like myrcene, humulene, caryophyllene, linalool, as well as humulone and lupulone. The herbs and extracts in Herbal Buds have been used for smoking for thousands of years, but never before have they been made available in beautiful nug form.

These Herbal Buds provide a unique and legal smoking experience, free of tobacco, nicotine, restricted substances, or anything synthetic or not organic. Herbal Buds work great as a tea, in herbal vapes, rolled up, or in a bowl or pipe. They also make an excellent legal prop bud for your movie or theater production.

Herbal Buds are very dense – due to natural variation, each bud is a little different in size and weight, but each weighs at least 3.5g, with most in the 3.5g-4.0g range. For best results, we recommend the use of a metal grinder with Herbal Buds.

Our Herbal Buds come in 11 unique blends, just $19.99 each:

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Green Rhino – The OG Powerhouse. Solid and steady, great anytime!
3.5g+  Only $19.99

Lavender Purp – Floral and smooth, your ticket to relaxation.
3.5g+  Only $19.99

Blue Berry Dream – A chill blend, with the floral notes of organic blueberry.

3.5g+  Only $19.99

Strawberry Cough – Real strawberry adds a unique flavor to this uplifting blend.

3.5g+  Only $19.99

Slim Mint GSC – Dark and minty, but don’t let the smooth taste fool you – it’s a creeper.

3.5g+  Only $19.99

Jamaican Red  – An energizing, uplifting blend that’s earthy and rich.

3.5g+  Only $19.99

Grape Ape – Classic grape flavor, a continual favorite.

3.5g+  Only $19.99

Mango Haze – Delicious mango tops off this blend.

3.5g+  Only $19.99

White Widow – A real OG, with the creamy smoothness of toasted coconut.

3.5g+  Only $19.99

Banana Kush – Mild and sweet, this is a tropical treat!

3.5g+  Only $19.99

Pineapple Express – Made with ripe, organic pineapple, this one is famous for a reason!

3.5g+  Only $19.99


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Ingredients*: Organic Traditional Smoking Herbs and Extracts (Passionflower 100x on Hops Buds, Fermented Sceletium tortuosum [kanna] 25x extract, Hop Hash [lupulin], Lobelia inflata trichomes, Holy Sage [contains thujone], Honey, Lavender, Blueberry, Strawberry, Peppermint, Banana, Coconut, Pineapple, Yohimbe bark, and Honeybush)

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product marijuana/made from marijuana?
No and no. Our Herbal Buds are made from natural, traditional, legal smoking herbs and extracts. They contain no marijuana or other restricted substances.

Does this product contain THC / CBD?
No and no. Our Herbal Buds contain no marijuana or marijuana derivatives, nor any other restricted substances. Please see the ingredients list for a full and accurate list of everything contained in Herbal Buds.



All Natural. Contains No Tobacco, Nicotine, Synthetic Cannabinoids, or Other Synthetic/Restricted Substances.


Herbal Buds are a blend of traditional smoking herbs and are not meant to mimic or replace tobacco, nicotine, marijuana, “Spice”, or any other substance.


Warning: Smoking creates tar, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens, and increases the risk of emphysema, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and DEATH. Contains passionflower, a RIMA. Do not combine with prescription medications or alcohol. Consult with a doctor before use. Excessive use can cause sedation, nausea, dizziness, and visual disturbances. Discontinue use if these or any other adverse effect occurs. Not to be used by the pregnant, elderly, minors, or those with any pre-existing condition or taking any medications or supplements. Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product.


By purchasing, you understand and agree to the following: You have read and understood the listing and what you are purchasing. We do not offer refunds on used items. May not work with every herbal vaporizer. This is a natural product; variation in color, size, shape and consistency is normal. We do not accept returns nor offer refunds. Orders ship within 3 days.


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