Commander Keef’s Magic Sprinkles




Natural Traditional Herbal Resin and Extract Blend

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This is the most concentrated blend of herbal extracts we’ve ever offered. Made of resin glands from hops and lobelia, with a super-concentrated 50x extract of kanna and kava, Commander Keef’s Magic Sprinkles is an amazing mix of herbal resins and extracts.


Ingredients*: Organic Traditional Herbs and Extracts (Lupulin [hops resin glands], Lobelia inflata trichomes [resin glands], Fermented Sceletium tortuosum 50x extract, Kava extract.)

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This is a natural product; variation in color, size, shape and consistency is normal. We are updating pictures on the site: your order will be sent in a metal jar, not a plastic one, in accordance with our ecological imperative.