Commander Keef’s Magic Sprinkles

Natural Traditional Herbal Resin and Extract Blend
1 gram

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Turn your herbs from “blah” to “BOMB” with this highly concentrated blend of natural traditional smoking extracts!

Got a sub-par smoking blend from some other vendor? Wish your legal herbal smoke was stronger and would last longer? You need Commander Keef’s Magic Sprinkles! Commander Keef’s Magic Sprinkles will enhance and fortify your legal smoking herbs with synergistic herbal extracts.

This is the most concentrated blend of herbal extracts we’ve ever offered. Made of resin glands from hops and lobelia, with a super-concentrated 50x extract of the famously synergistic kanna and our yangonin heavy kava extract, Commander Keef’s Magic Sprinkles will add an amazing boost to any legal herbal smoke you add them to.

Just sprinkle a small amount on top of a bowl of your favorite legal herbs, and be astounded at how the synergistic extracts in Commander Keef’s Magic Sprinkles take your smoke session to the next level!



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Ingredients†: Organic Traditional Smoking Herbs and Extracts (Hop Hash [lupulin], Lobelia inflata trichomes [resin glands], Fermented Sceletium tortuosum 50x extract, Yangonin from Kava.)

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Contains no Tobacco, Nicotine, Synthetic, or Restricted Substances.


Commander Keef’s Magic Sprinkles is a blend of traditional smoking herbs and extracts and is not meant to mimic or replace tobacco, nicotine, marijuana, “Spice”, or any other substance.


Warning: Smoking creates tar, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens, and increases the risk of emphysema, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and DEATH. Do not combine with prescription medications or alcohol. Consult with a doctor before use. Excessive use can cause sedation, nausea, dizziness, and visual disturbances. Discontinue use if these or any other adverse effect occurs. Not to be used by the pregnant, elderly, minors, or those with any pre-existing condition or taking any medications or supplements. Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product.

By purchasing, you understand and agree to the following: You have read and understood the listing and what you are purchasing. We do not offer refunds on used items. May not work with every herbal vaporizer. This is a natural product; variation in color, size, shape and consistency is normal.  Orders ship within 3 days.