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8.11.18We are experiencing difficulties with our eBay store, but you can still get all of our fine products here, and many on Amazon. Our shopping cart system is now fully integrated; you can choose to either “buy now” and immediately check out or add an item to the cart. Cart and payments powered securely by PayPal.

You found us; the makers of the best legal, natural herbal extracts, blends, and isolates available anywhere.

Most of our products are absolutely unique, and available nowhere else. All of our products are absolutely the best of their type in the world. They are in a class above the rest; these are not the dusty, dry, weak herbals you find in the local shop.

You can browse our offerings using the sidebar to the left. Email us if you have any questions.

None of our products contain anything federally restricted or that would show up on a drug test. We do not use anything synthetic or artificial. In products where flavors are added, they are done so with natural fruits, flowers, and herbs, and/or their extracts. Our products are 100% natural, and most are organic.



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